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Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Oil and Gas Well Records - DMRM has completed scanning all of its oil and gas records, estimated at three to six million pages. We are in the process of putting all of these records in TIFF format on the web site and are now testing this new system. Most of Ohio's 62,852 active wells are classified as "stripper" wells or wells that produce less than 10 barrels (42 gallons per barrel) of oil per day or less than 60 thousand cubic feet (mcf) of gas per day. In 2004, Ohio wells produced nearly 5.8 million barrels of oil (that's over 242,984,196 gallons per year!) and more than 90.3 billion cubic feet of natural gas. Market value for oil and gas production totals nearly $796 million dollars. Even though Ohio's gas production accounts for only 11% of Ohio's consumption, it is equivalent to the amount required to heat over 1 million homes and businesses. In addition, the oil and gas industry paid an estimated $58 million dollars in royalty payments to landowners for oil and gas produced.
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Ohio Oil & Gas Association (OOGA) - Since its early days, oil and natural gas production has played a key role in Ohio’s industrial development. Ohio’s oil and gas industry includes independent producers, landowners, geologists, drillers, contractors, engineers, attorneys, accountants, and many others in allied fields. This vital industry employs several thousand people throughout the state.
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